Wednesday, April 16, 2008

First Beauty Post!

I promised to write about beauty products and a recent trip to Sephora has inspired me. It amazes me how some cosmetic companies try all sorts or tricks to draw attention to their products. Considering it usually takes me about an hour to properly browse through all the new products, it's a little sad that I always find myself going back to the usual isles when I want the basics. It's pretty much always the same routine: Foundation is Chanel or Clinique, lipstick is Dior, and blush/bronzer is Nars. Eyes are always covered by my favorite M.A.C products, currently unavailable at my local Sephora, but always available online. As much as I love brands such as Two-faced and Benefit, I feel that if a product is truly amazing, it will sell itself. No clever name or colorful packaging. Take Dior and Chanel for example. Although they are pricier than some of the other items, they are totally worth the extra cash. They still use their navy blue and black and white signature packaging, yet they introduce new products all the time, such as DiorSkin AirFlash Spray. A spray on foundation for face and body. Soleil Tan De Chanel. A bronzing power, which has a touch like silk. It goes to show you flashiness isn't everything. The product has to be able to withstand time and keep you going to that certain familiar isle.

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camilledelrosario said...

yup some pieces are indeed pricier.. but worth the extra mile :) I love my mac stuff. wouldn't change em' for the world.