Monday, June 30, 2008

2008: All about the shoes

Lately, I’ve been all about shoes. I can’t seem to get enough of them. It seems that this is because over the past year or so, there haven’t been any “new” designs of handbags that can transition from day to night with ease and hold as much as I need to carry day-to-day. I never want to be too trendy when getting a more expensive bag, but I don’t think the same rule applies to shoes. I am a lot more liberal with shoes and boots, and a big reason for this is the new and exciting forms, prints, and it seems there are so many things shoe designers have been doing these past few years. You could say Christian Louboutin is at the head of the pack. With the scarlet red signature sole (which now prestigious fashion houses are copying, which is kind of disappointing), he created a phenomena. Now other designers are trying to be avant-garde with their designs to try and compete with Mr. Louboutin’s creations. Versace, never one to be left behind on trends, has started painting the bottom of their shoes red. If I were Mr. Louboutin, I would be a little offended. It seems that the company now headed by Donatella Versace is doing what companies like hers have been advocating against for years now- copy-right infringement. Anyway, I digress. The point of this post is to open your eyes to all the wonderful new designs for your feet this year. Having been a bag girl for the majority of my life, it was a little tough for me to splurge on a pair of Prive Pumps, instead of a new colorful Balenciaga. This was because I feel like I will get so much more use out of a bag, rather than some 5-inch pumps. The truth is I have to make myself wear them, so that they don’t just end up looking pretty in my closet. That is exactly what you don’t want so if you spend $500 or more on a pair of shoes, MAKE yourself wear them. I sometimes wear heels on a simple walk around the neighborhood with my boyfriend. You can also break them in while playing Wii Tennis (I do not suggest this if you are drinking alcoholic beverages or have weak balancing skills, Believe You Me). I am also going to recommend you stock up on some shoe insoles (available at your local drugstore). Probably the most important thing when purchasing a new pair of hot heels is getting your correct size. I cannot stress this enough. I can’t even begin to tell you how many pairs of wonderful shoes I have had to give away due to getting the proper size online, and if you are anything like me, the hassle of online returning is just not worth getting your money back. I suggest buying them in person whenever possible. Posted are some of my favorite designs of the year. Click to enlarge. Enjoy!

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