Sunday, May 4, 2008

Rachel Zoe: Love her or Hate her?

I love the way Rachel Zoe dresses. I love the way she transforms some-what trashy celebrities, into wonderful creations from head to toe. Notice what I didn't say? I don't love Rachel Zoe. After reading her book, I must give her credit for putting together a guide in which she stresses the look of the 70's which will never really go away. However, her attitude in the book, and APPARENTLY in real life, is not as lovable as her couture vintage ensembles. You can't deny that she is brilliant and has an amazing career. However, many in Hollywood don't have much liking to Rachel. Nicole Richie infamously bashed her, while it is said that Anna Wintour really dislikes the celebrity stylist. Her latest fued with Anna Wintour has escalated and so far, Anna's winning. What are your thoughts on Rachel?


amyc06 said...

Hey this is amy from the other forum mimi made :)

I completely agree with you about Rachel Zoe.. I have her book, and I wasn't in awe of her as a person, but I do really really like the way she puts stuff together, and it all has a kinda of non-dressy uppy way about it; it's all fun and glamourous which is what I do like about her.
Anyone who could manage to transform Nicole Richie into one of THE style icons has to be given some credit, i think.

Lissett said...

hey Amy! Thanks for visiting and thanks for always posting great pictures on the forum! We're you at the mkstyle forum as well? Send me your e-mail we'll chat!

amyc06 said...

No problem :)
i have msn if that's what you mean? its
yeah i was in the other forum but i didnt rle like it as much as mimi's!

pierce79 said...

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