Friday, May 2, 2008

Nicole: Summer, Winter, and Formal

nicole richie

One of the reasons I consider Nicole to be a fashion icon of the likes of, dare I say it, Jackie Kennedy, is her ability to transform her fashion from seasonal to event appropriate. For summer, Nicole sticks with her boho-hippie style, we all adore(as you can tell by my poll). A must bag for Spring/Summer would have to be one of her many Balenciagas, which she has in nearly every color of the rainbow. For winter, she is more rocker-hipster chic. This entails lots of black, red, skulls, and leopard print. Her bags for the color seasons are her black and red Chanel Vintage Jumbos, or her Favorite, and apparently versatile black Balenciaga. For red carpet events, Nicole lives by one rule: Total Glamor!

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Denise said...

nicole is one of my favorite and inspires me alot! great post!